The Cayman Islands are a trio of islands in the western Caribbean. The islands are a British Overseas Dependent Territory, located just 480 miles south of Florida.   Nestled in crystal clear turquoise blue waters, the three islands offer a diverse offering of products of services to match a variety of lifestyle choices and tastes.

Grand Cayman, the largest of the three islands has a cosmopolitan flare with modern facilities in a well-developed infrastructure.   Only 76 square miles in its entirety Grand Cayman offers a variety of accommodations properties ranging from quaint bed and breakfast inns to opulent private villas and homes. There is also an international array of restaurants featuring simple casual Caymanian cuisine or decadent entrees that please the surroundings that are equally exciting and varied.   The island is also home to a plethora of attractions for all ages...from scuba-diving and snorkeling to horse-back riding, spelunking, nature trails, beachcombing, bird watching, to tours of historic landmarks...there is something for all to enjoy.

For yet a different experience, a visit to the Sister Islands of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman will complete your journey to the Cayman Islands. The smallest of the three, Little Cayman, sets the mood for total rejuvenation and relaxation. With only 150 full-time residents, this small island of 10 square miles offers some of the best diving in the world. "Bloody Bay Wall" and "Jackson Marine Park" have been heralded as some of the most pristine dive sites ever explored. Healthy reefs, no commercialization, low impact development has been characteristic of this island. Small dive lodges, boutique hotels,   and condominiums located on the perimeter of the island offer specialized service for small numbers (most have under 20 rooms total). Cars are few as people chose to bike around the island, which is consistent with the preservationist attitude of the residents. The indigenous Little Cayman Iguana is often sited sunning themselves on the roadways or coming out to be fed by guests and residents alike.  

The second Sister Islands, Cayman Brac is yet another experience.... exhibiting characteristics of its traditional seafaring heritage, this island exudes culture and history. With approximately 1400 full time residents, the 14 square miles of Cayman Brac are sparsely populated leaving beautiful natural scenery to observe. The only of the three islands with any significant elevation, the Brac boasts the "The Bluff" a limestone rock interior that runs throughout the island.   Popular with rock-climbing enthusiasts, nature lovers and divers alike, this island has a well-developed nature tourism industry. Accommodations are mixed with simple dive lodges and guesthouses to well furnished condominiums and hotels.

The Cayman Islands truly offers a mixture for all to experience.

 About The Cayman Islands